How data is going to change your 2018

Chris Bretschger

March 8, 2018

The amount of data that is recorded every day is staggering.

Daily habits of your customers are being recorded every moment of every day. Where they’re dining, what hotels they’re staying in, and all the way down to how they move around in a Nordstrom’s, or look at items on the shelves in your local super market.

The key, on top of all this monitoring, is that this information is now being stored at a higher rate than ever. Estimates believe that between 2014 to 2020 the amount that will be stored will be 50x greater, and kicking into 2018 we’re looking to exceed that track.

As marketers, this data allows us to place and buy media, and develop creative campaigns with a deeper well of insights than ever. Messages can be personalized not only on what potential customers are doing online, but also in the physical world. And by learning to leverage that activity, we’re able to spend, and create with greater impact.

For B2B clients, this means stronger vetting of leads, and improving the quality of sales lead data, list accuracy, while also managing the message to your first-party owned prospects. And to our B2C clients, this means being able to weed through the masses to find those people out there who are most inclined to be driven to action by our message.

In 2018, we see a lot of things changing, but you should definitely be on the look out for these:

  • Custom targeted based on 1st party (your own) information
  • IoT driving advanced targeting
  • Increased need of responsiveness to customer interactions
  • Intelligent contextual marketing
  • Email returning to it’s glory days of effectiveness through segmentation
  • Mobile pushing stronger direct response

The information is out there and available – working it into your plan is going to be the key to keeping up with the marketplace in 2018.




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