Experiential Marketing: Coachella

Stephanie Barba

May 3, 2018

Experiential Marketing is a big deal at festivals—and, if Coachella was any indication, it’s getting bigger.

Statics already show that target audiences are ignoring 89 percent of ad content. As a result, brands are no longer viewing experiential marketing at large events as an incremental cost but rather an investment.

That investment mentality was on display in a big way at Coachella. HP offered The Antarctic, a chilled, 360-degree show powered by their technologies. Marriot offered luxury yurts based on their international locations at The W Village. And Peet’s Coffee had a branded bus on site to give concertgoers a chance to beat the heat at their Ice Sauna. There were several other brands offering their own micro-versions of one-of-a-kind experiences all over the venue as well.

Over the last several years, experiential marketing has grown to be a key tactic for brands, especially when it comes to reaching younger consumers who tend to prefer experiences to products.

Coachella is a prime example of how big brands utilize festivals to bring an experience to their target audience. With the festival season just getting started, it’ll be fun to see what other brands craft unique ways to, literally, stand out in a crowd.



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