IMW’s Guide to a Successful Holiday Digital Marketing Campaign (1 of 3)

Chris Bretschger

October 19, 2016

The first in a 3-series set, IMW introduces our guide for a successful holiday digital marketing campaign.

There is No Such Thing as Planning Too Early.

It is no secret that the holiday months see the largest increase in sales volume compared to any other time of the year. As such, they deserve more than just a few weeks of planning right before the storm.

To execute a successful holiday sales season, you need to work with your team, clients, and vendors early to make sure that everything is in order for smooth holiday sailing.

  • Plan your holiday budget – compare last year’s sales trends to this year’s to analyze how the market has grown, and to project what Q4 spend could look like. You cannot have a successful digital marketing campaign if you run out of budget early. Look at CPC, click, and conversion trends to determine how to maximize budget for your holiday campaigns.
  • Prepare a promotions calendar – make sure you and your team are all on the same page when it comes to the timing of all your holiday promotions. The time frame for these deals should be part of a calculated strategy to get the most out of the influx of online shoppers. Also, a promotion calendar helps to ensure all your ads and creative run at the correct and appropriate times.
  • Be ready for crisis – More often than not, crisis occurs when we least expect it. Don’t be caught off guard in the thick of the holiday season by some unexpected account issues. Keep an eye on your Google Merchant Center for any item disapprovals or shopping feed upload errors. Create an e-mail alert for any spikes in bounce rate so you don’t miss any landing page issues. A successful campaign is also a prepared campaign. Have a plan for anything and everything that can go wrong with your digital marketing campaigns.

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