Perception is reality

Chris Bretschger

March 13, 2015

Perception is reality – Why great photography can help build brands

You may have seen the hilarious parody executions of Vince Vaughn in stock photos as featured on AdWeek this week. They make a great point. Stock photography can be outright awful, even detrimental to a brand. The reason we think it’s funny is that somewhere, we all know this is a stock image…in other words, its not real. data mining . Stock is often overly posed, staged and can look like everyone else. It is shot in such a way that it could be any company. Now, I am not saying that stock doesn’t have it’s uses, or that decent stock can’t be found, but I am saying that considering the style and type of photography you use is very important to communicating in a genuine, proprietary and emotional way.

Brand building is an exercise that should take into consideration all elements of your marketing and advertising. However, too often, photography is an afterthought when it comes to budgets. And many clients do not realize that over time stock costs really ad up. Good photography can take your marketing from good to great. With a little planning and some careful budgeting, having a library of proprietary images is within reach for many clients and becomes unique to your company and reflective of your brand in a way stock photography cannot.

A strong photographic style often separates immature brands from established ones. Lighting, background, color scheme, subject matter all play an important role in establishing a strong visual brand and telling a better story about your company. nimbus cloud Going a step further, establishing a style guide that governs your photographic style is an even better reinforcement of what makes your brand unique and allows staff and vendors who touch the brand at all levels to achieve similar results to keep your brand healthy and strong. Planned, custom photography is one more way that you can break through the clutter with your marketing and achieve fantastic, integrated results.

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