Size is Everything (Shorter is Better)

Tyler Knowles

July 10, 2018

A recent study by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and TVision Insights found that ”short form, six-second ads on television capture 8%-11% more attention than longer ads.” With the shrinking attention span of consumers, it is becoming more apparent that brands need to convey their message as quickly as possible in all mediums—even TV.

The study also found that short-form ads perform even better when “paired with more traditional 15, 30 or even 60 second ad content.” For example, Marketing Dive analyzed a Yoplait campaign featuring 32 separate six-second ads targeted to people who saw their longer ads. This effort resulted in a 1,461% lift in brand interest. While the success can’t all be directly attributed to the shortened ads, this campaign is an example of how these types of ads can be effectively deployed.

Marketers should keep this study in mind when strategizing video ad concepts. It can be beneficial to supplement it with short-form ads that reinforce a message provided by longer, more traditional ads. Long video viewers can be retargeted and segmented by audience based off of interest, demographic, (etc.), with separate ads crafted for each segment.



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