The Final Link: Connecting Your Foot Traffic to Each Impression

Chris Bretschger

April 28, 2020

The work we’ve done over the past 3 years is ready for the big show.

Our goal was to develop an affordable way for our clients to optimize their marketing in real-time based on people walking through their doors.

Over the past three years the team here has been designing systems, finding the right data partners, running tests, refining programs, and now it’s ready for a broader audience.

Our passion for what we do is driving tangible results.  See the bottom line grow, get leads into sales teams, find ways to help our partners and our clients grow their business.  Because after all, our success is only driven by the success of our clients.

But we’ve always known there was more – the tangible feeling of tying reports to that rewarding sound of managers phoning in, and talking about having more traffic walk through their doors.

We always knew we had to break the digital barrier – bring real-time, real-life interactions into the optimization of our client’s media.

Don’t get us wrong, watching the analytics, and the revenue or leads by channel is great.  It’s actually quite exciting. But after working with auto dealers, aftermarket parts stores, packaged goods, blow-out providers, restaurants, and hotels – the thing that gets everyone going is watching more people walk into their location’s day-in and day-out.

Facebook and Google rolled out products – but the problem is they’re algorithmic – they estimate based off of a small sample set.  We want real people, actual devices, and to be connected back to the exact impression they were served.

For years, we’ve been targeting by footfall, but now, we’ve brought that into all of our optimizations.  Connected TV, digital billboard, prospecting, retargeting, online video – we’re now bringing this all back to actual people walking into our client’s doors.

Already, we’ve seen the impact of how footfall can upend the traditional assumptions of online KPIs, and by developing deeper connections to these audiences, we’re finding new ways of mining audiences that are more heavily engaged and inclined to walk through your doors.

With cookies becoming less reliable, new ways of finding and tracking audiences will continue to make noise in the industry.  The smarter we can group our audiences, and the more we can continue to map the engagement, the more efficient we’ll see funds make their way into the market and return actionable ROI.


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