Window Shopping

Kaelyn Kaichi

October 5, 2018

Grabb-It, a software company in Milpitas, California, is turning car windows into advertisements. According to their website:

Grabb-It is a location based Dynamic Digital – OOH (DD-OOH) advertising platform. We give the advertisers the perfect opportunity to reach the consumers near the point of purchase.

Grabb-It can strategically place your message in front of millions of shoppers around malls, high traffic venues and events giving advertisers an opportunity to reach a highly captive audience.

Imagine: You’re a consumer standing on the sidewalk in front of a store, debating whether or not to pick up a product. A car drives by you and spits out a location-based ad, tailored to that store/product.

If you’re in marketing, that sounds great.

Right now, Grabb-It is trying to work with ride-sharing companies to include a display on their rear windows. According to an article in TechCrunch, “Grabb-It applies a material to the inside of a car’s right rear window to act as a projection surface. The material is thin enough that the window can still be opened. They mount a small projector inside the car and point it toward the window, blasting an image bright enough to see from the outside.” The ads would run between rides.

When IMW chatted about this last week, our first thoughts revolved around distractions and safety…  It’ll be interesting to see how far the technology goes, where advertisers take it, and if any legal ramifications are caused by it.

You can learn more about Grabb-It, and watch a video explaining the system, on their website.


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