The Salmon Kitchen

Finding Your Perfect Recipe

The Salmon Kitchen

Creative Brief

For most of the country cooking salmon, or fish in general can be a daunting task. Found in stores across the country, Marine Harvest’s Skin Pack technology is revolutionizing the way that big box retailers are treating their seafood, and we’re helping them get more comfortable in the kitchen.

IMW teamed up with Marine Harvest – the world’s largest purveyor of fresh salmon to help educate those first time buyers with a website that provides recipes, a store locator, health benefits of salmon, a FAQ section, and tips for handling fish safely.


From “Purchase to Plate”, create friendly and helpful information for consumers to prepare a meal.


Customers who are looking for an easy to follow online recipe solution with a skill level from first-time cook to seasoned chef.


Develop a website using the Salmon Kitchen’s 3 level recipe system: Cooking Time, Cooking Level and Cooking Method.

Call to Action

Customers to be educated, comfortable, satisfied, and more invested in a healthier diet with salmon as a new staple of nutrition creating a repeat customer.