Marketing Coming out of COVID-19

There’s really no other way to put it. Over the last two months, our worlds have been rocked. If there’s anyone who is going about business as usual right now, they’re definitely the outlier. The events over the past 8 weeks have shocked the system. Depending on how the government regulations and markets have impacted … Continued

Five Marketing Trends Shaped by Consumer Change

Spotting trends and figuring out how your brand should respond is one of the most exciting parts about marketing. Here are five marketing trends that speak volumes about today’s consumers. 1. Living Luxury Young adults are choosing to “live” luxury rather than own it. Instead of physical possessions, more are opting for high-end, memorable experiences … Continued

IMW Crew “Teach Me How To Duffy”

AHOY Matey! The IMW crewmembers took full advantage of the warm weather and celebrated summer with a trip just a few minutes South of the IMW office to Newport Beach (yes, can you believe it, we are so fortunate to call this our backyard)! With Peter and Chris at the helm, the team hopped aboard … Continued

Baby Boomers on YouTube

One of the key tenets of digital marketing is knowing where to find your audience. This is an aspect that must be constantly monitored as it changes often—consumers move around the internet, bouncing from platform to platform with the ebbs and flows of various trends and opportunities. Earlier this year, in an article on Think … Continued

YouTube AR Beauty Try-On

Opening a new door for makeup brands to sell their products, YouTube has released a new update: AR Beauty Try-On. This feature will be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch a makeup tutorial. Pre-recorded tutorials will play like normal, while a second screen will stream from a user’s front-facing camera. It is … Continued

IMW Bowling Night

Family is a big deal at IMW. Not just the metaphorical co-worker family, but the actual husbands, wives, and kids of each and every employee. One way we celebrate those nearest and dearest? IMW’s Family Bowling Night. Last week, IMW loved ones rolled strikes, spares, and maybe a gutter ball or two at Bowlmor Lanes … Continued

Connected TV and Direct-To-Consumer Brands

About a month ago, Telaria, a video advertising software company, partnered with Hulu and published a study detailing how Connected TV (CTV) has become “a key channel for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands to increase reach and drive brand awareness.” This is a big deal. As cord cutting becomes more prevalent, more and more people consume a … Continued

Post Trade Show Tips

The big show is now over. After months of planning and long days that make your feet sore and the edges of your mouth tired from smiling, it’s done. But is it? Not if you want to extend the benefits of going to the show and turn them into tangible results. Here are four quick … Continued