We are an award winning integrated marketing agency with digital at the core.

It takes two to tango. It takes more than that to build a brand.

Digital / Technology

We were integrated before it was trending. We knew early on how to embrace the digital world.

Creative Services

As an agency, we deliver creative everyday. More than a pretty picture, we do our homework first.

Brand Strategy

Every brand has a DNA. Through listening, researching and just plain creative thinking we bring brands to life.


If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there, did it make a sound? We get you heard.

Social Media

The first step is recognizing that social media marketing is absolutely pertinent in today’s world. The second step is aligning yourself with a team that is committed to your success.

Experiential Marketing

There's just nothing like seeing a customer's eyes light up right in front of you once they've been a part of your brand experience.

Reputation Management

In today's ever social world, we can protect your reputation and help change those who would harm it.

Public Relations

We love to tell stories that get shared. No reason to keep good news to ourselves.


Sometimes we all need a little extra incentive to do something now. We like to set that spark.

“The IMW team is smart, responsive and great at producing excellent, targeted results.”

Joan Wickham, Sunkist Growers

"Thanks in large part to your efforts, we had one of our best years ever!"

Jim Bornemann, The Flower Fields

"Another great show! Thank you for your support and for the flawless execution. You certainly make my job much easier."

Stephanie Bazan, Avocados From Mexico

While most are dreaming of success, we wake up & work hard to achieve it.