BOLO: Be On the Lookout 8 Trends you need to know

In our continual thirst to be ahead of the curve, I attended a conference of over 250 marketing agencies who shared, yes, really shared, their finest and brightest people along with what are real trends in the digital world that will have real impact. So as many of you are finishing up or just starting … Continued

IMW’s Google Partner Visit

IMW was invited to the Google Complex at the end of August to discuss the new Google Partners program. “We are honored to be a part of the certified agencies, with just a handful here in Orange County,” said Peter Bretschger, President and CMO. Big topics included the latest in measurement techniques, analytics, and “what’s … Continued

The Flower Fields “Add Some Color to Your Day!” Campaign

This has been a very exciting season for The Flower Fields, open from March 1st-May 11th. In an effort to reach a larger demographic, advertising, media and PR programs were expanded to reach the Asian, Persian and Hispanic markets in the San Diego and Los Angeles metro areas. We broadcasted on all the major TV … Continued

It’s All Just One Media Plan

The idea that traditional media works separately from digital media or social media is an idea promoted by the new media, but that will be diluted by the history of technology. These are all media and content outlets that need to work in harmony. Follow me now. Go back in time to coffee. Coffee has … Continued

When Should I Hire An SEO Agency?

“When should I hire an SEO agency?” is a question that a number of friends with small/medium-sized businesses ask me all the time, and I find that I usually focus on 4 main factors for them to weigh in to their decision: Time/Effort Quality Cost/Savings Results Time/Effort Workforce utilization is an element that most all … Continued