The Opportunity: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday is on the horizon, and for many of our clients, this is make-or-break time for the year. Last year alone $1.93 billion was spent online in the U.S. – nearly a 12% increase from the year prior – and projections have continued growth in 2017. Cyber Monday beat out Black Friday with nearly … Continued

IMW Agency at SXSW 2017 – Avocados from Mexico

Brand Activation @SWSW: Connecting with Millennials and Influencers South by Southwest (SXSW) has become one of the largest gatherings for marketers looking to reach the elusive Millennial audience, with roughly 35 thousand annual attendees. Held every March in Austin, Texas the 10-day conference features the latest innovations in film, interactive media and music. That makes … Continued

Top Tips for Experiential Marketing

From advertising to social media, all parts of the marketing mix help drive brand engagement, but one of the most memorable ways to connect with your consumers is through experiential marketing.

Perception is reality

Perception is reality – Why great photography can help build brands You may have seen the hilarious parody executions of Vince Vaughn in stock photos as featured on AdWeek this week. They make a great point. Stock photography can be outright awful, even detrimental to a brand. The reason we think it’s funny is that … Continued

E-mail Marketing – Shoring up some essentials

Why E-mail Marketing? When there’s a myriad of other eye-catching marketing tactics out there, sometimes it’s nice to go back and take a look at some of the essentials and remind ourselves as to why we need to ensure that these are shored up, because, quite frankly, there are a lot of exciting developments happening … Continued

Adobe Max Conference 2014, The Latest in Creativity and Technology

This October, our Creative Director, Cynthia Murnane attended the 2014 Adobe MAX Creative Conference. By attending conferences, IMW keeps our creative fresh, relevant and ready for the next assignment. Here are a few insights from the conference: Touchscreens will be the future. One of the announcements that created a lot of buzz was that Adobe … Continued